Solo Travel: Mythbusting

I'm currently travelling solo throughout Europe, three months down so far and a little over a month to go! I started in Scotland, travelled as far east as Hungary, as far south as Italy and am soon to head further North to Denmark, Sweden and Iceland! All in all I've had an absolutely amazing time.... Continue Reading →

Papua New Guinea – Dangerous?

On the 16th of April this year, (2017…for those of you who much like myself often forget which year we are in!) I began my trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the first time of my life. PNG is not a place where many have the opportunity to travel. I am not all-knowing, but... Continue Reading →

Tourism – The Catch 22

At the end of April 2017 I travelled to Venice to finally lay my eyes on the beautiful Venetian canals that were the subject of so many of my favourite works of art. I arrived on a train from Bled, in the north of Slovenia, eager for my first location in Italy. The first thing... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Johazza Travel! Here to share the adventures, lessons and experiences of two Aussie girls slowly but surely exploring the world. Between us we've set foot on 22 different countries in 4 continents. In 2018 we'll add three more to that list when we look to take on Nepal, India and Sri Lanka over... Continue Reading →

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