The Best of the Kimberleys – From Katherine to Cape Leveque

In November of 2016 I went on a road trip through northern Western Australia to Broome and Cape Leveque with some close friends. Our journey began in Katherine, NT and went through the Victoria River Region, Timber Creek, Kununurra, Wyndham and on to Derby via the Gibb River Track. From there we continued to Broome before heading north to the peak of the Cape.

I won’t go through all the details of the trip (long story short: It was incredibly fun!) but I will share the best of my photo’s of the beautiful countryside. However, before you get too inspired and jump into your car I do have a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s pretty harsh, barren country. The Gibb River Track is about 600km long, in that time we passed just over 10 cars (Noted we didn’t go in peak tourist season). One of those cars were a group of blokes who were on their way down from Kalumburu and had run out of fuel, we gave them just enough to make it to the next station as we needed enough for ourselves, but goodness knows how long they could have been waiting for if we hadn’t come along. So a jerry can with spare fuel is certainly advised, and as much water as you can carry on the off chance you do have engine troubles and find yourself having to wait hours for anyone to come along. Secondly, bring a spare tyre or four. We began a fun road trip game of counting the blown tyres on the side of the road. The game was rather exhausting as we’d hit triple digits after only 20 minutes. Along with bring spare tyres, do just remember to drive slowly. Almost all of the track is dirt road, but some parts are incredibly smooth like driving on any major highway – but it’s these are the parts that are dangerous, because you began to relax and the speedometer creeps up, then the next bumpy gravel corner or sudden culvert can catch you off guard. I speak from experience, take it slow, be cautious. Besides, there’s so much to see! Why rush?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to stray a little from the beaten track. The Gibb isn’t the best for sign posting every nice spot and there’s almost too many to put them all on a map. Occasionally we spotted tracks going through the long grass on the side of the road and turned in around to follow them in. In all honesty, 2 in 3 times you’ll just find yourself in a gravel pit, but the few times you find a hidden lagoon or waterfall will be absolutely worth it.

Enjoy the photos! I hope they inspire you to take it on! – Hayley

IMG_0020The red rock escarpments reflecting in the Victoria River, Northern Territory.

IMG_0022The Cockburn Ranges mark the beginning of the Gibb River Road.


The evening view from our beachside campsite. Quandong Point, just north of Broome, Western Australia.

IMG_0006Adcock Gorge, found along the Gibb River Road. Home to many turtles and safe to swim. If your quiet, you’ll spot the rock wallabies!

IMG_0030The beaches of the Ardiyooloon community just south east of Cape Leveque.

IMG_0004Cape Leveque

IMG_0044Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia.


Bindoola Falls can be found off the Gibb River Track but it’s not well sign posted.

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