Welcome to Johazza Travel! Here to share the adventures, lessons and experiences of two Aussie girls slowly but surely exploring the world. Between us we’ve set foot on 22 different countries in 4 continents. In 2018 we’ll add three more to that list when we look to take on Nepal, India and Sri Lanka over a three month period. We met playing U12 state football when we led our team as captain and vice captain. This year whilst travelling, our paths crossed intentionally and rekindled a friendship that had laid dormant for 5 years. Here is a little bit more about each of us:


I am Johanna, I’m now 18 and have spent the majority of my life thus far in Australia’s ‘red’ center. The first six years of my life were me and my family traveling between countries, climates and communities until we settled on Alice Springs. In 2016 I travelled to a few countries, some with my family, some with my sister and some by myself. This year I moved to the city of Hamburg which has been an adventure in itself! I also spent two weeks in rural Papua New Guinea, where both my parents were born. I have never tried this sort of writing before and whilst terrifying it is an escapade worth embarking on! My future remains unknown to me and I am unsure of where I will be in a years time, but you can bet traveling is in my near and distant future!


Heya! My name is Hayley. I’m 18 years old and have grown up in a small town called Katherine in the Northern Territory of Australia. Soon I’ll be residing in Brisbane on the east coast of Australia to study Law and Science at the University of Queensland. I have recently finished a solo trip throughout Europe, prior to this, the only countries I had been to outside of Australia were Turkey and Vietnam.

I have always loved writing and storytelling, so I felt a blogging would be a great pass time for myself. However like many people, I was always held back by the fear that no one really cares what you have to say, and fair enough, why should they. I know that I’m no expert and I’ve got so much more to learn, nevertheless, during my Euro trip I met many other solo travellers beginning their journeys, or people that had never considered going it alone, and suddenly I was bombarded with questions – people wanting advice, recommendations, wanting my opinions and asking about my experience. That is when it occurred to me that I have actually learnt many things and I’ve got a lot to offer. So here I am a short time later, a co-author of travel blog, set up in a Copenhagen hostel room with a name decided whilst eating Chinese food on a train platform in Hamburg.


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